About rental products and choices.

What kind of winter equipement or gears Salomon Station carries? is it sure just to bring ourself to go there?
Ski poles (including skipoles), snowboards, boots, sleds, winter apparel tops and bottoms, helmets and goggles are available for rent. Please prepare gloves, knit caps, inner tights, socks, etc. that come into direct contact with your skin in advance, or purchase them at a sports shop near the local station.
Some stations offer boots and snow boots, so please check the price list on the website in advance.
For reasons of virus infection prevention and hygiene management, we may suspend the rental of goggles and helmets, so please contact your station before departure.
What are all handling size ranges?
Ski boots are available in 1cm pitch for children 15cm / 16cm / 17cm / 18cm / 19cm / 20cm / 21cm / 22cm / 23cm / 24cm
Snowboard boots are available in 1cm pitch for children 17cm / 18cm / 19cm / 20cm / 21cm / 22cm / 23cm / 24cm.
For adults, 22.5cm / 23.5cm / 24.5cm / 25.5cm / 26.5cm / 27.5cm / 28.5cm / 29.5cm / 30.5cm / 31.5cm 1cm pitch development.
Ski boots Adult big size is also available in 32.5cm / 33.5cm.

Standard model skis and snowboards are available in 10 cm pitches from 70 cm to 140 cm for juniors. Adults 130 cm to 170 cm
Standard model snowboard boards are available in 10 cm pitches of 90 cm to 130 cm for juniors and 135 cm to 165 cm for adults.
Both premium models, skis and snowboards, are available in main sizes that take into consideration the snow quality and ease of handling at ski resorts.
Recommends from various choices?
Of course, it is possible to rent each item individually, more profitable to rent for 2 set with skis or board with boots.
The full set is even more profitable with the top and bottom of the wear. Moreover, since the station is directly connected to the slopes, you will not have to worry about carrying it along the way, shipping service, or luggages dragging in your car. Since the maintenance management of supplies are perfectly organized, you can experience "easy and comfortable with just bring yourself" no matter wherever salomon station you go. After all, the direct connection to the slopes is the greatest merit.
What if the size does not fit after gears pick up?
If you request the difference in size on the spot, we will prepare the one of just size, so please check the size before renting.
We have a wide variety of sizes and types, but if you do not find an item that suits you at all, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.
Does the wear set include accessories? Any advice for rent a full set rental?
Accessories (gloves, goggles, knit caps, helmets, etc.) are not included. When waking up at the station, please wear inner tights and long socks (you do not need to wear two pieces) inner and long-sleeved middleware. It is convenient to use a coin lockers in the station for your own shoes.
What is the ski release value?
It is the numerical value of the strength to fix the ski and ski boots. If the opening value is small, the ski and shoes will separate with a small load, and if the opening value is large, the ski and shoes will not separate easily and the strength will increase in an attempt to hold them. It is calculated based on the height and weight of the customer who uses the rental to set the opening value properly, the length of the sole of the ski boot (length from the toe to the heel), the skill level, and the age.
Please enter the correct information in the form when applying for a rental station regarding your data (height, weight, age and skier type). Therefore, please be sure to enter the correct information in the data. It is necessary to be careful in advance because false information input may lead to injuries during gliding due to malfunction due to numerical error.
No worries about adjustments, just count on it to station staff will calculate the numbers, make adjustments and confirm them before handing you the skis.

Tips for smooth rentals.

I want to avoid congestion when using rentals. Is there a comfortable time and time of use?
The peak of busy times is the consecutive holidays in January, and the consecutive holidays in February are the busiest for ski resort users. If you are staying for consecutive nights, please contact us in advance as some stations allow you to check in at the rental counter the evening before.
Rental stations at day-trip ski resorts are by far the most comfortable to use on weekdays, but Sundays are relatively smoother than Saturdays.
The weekend in March, when the weather is stable and the sunny weather rate is high, is out of the busy season, so you can enjoy it relatively relaxedly even on weekends. You can enjoy a comfortable resort life even if you go out with plenty of time.
How to use advance reservation / online check-in smartly?
Pre-booking and online check-in are very convenient if you have an early travel itinerary and destination to the resort. For online prebooking service, there is a check-in deadline of several days before the date of use, so please check the terms of use and cancellation policy in advance at the check-in site. If you have a smartphone, you can access the QR code posted in the facility on the day from the on-board camera and apply as it is. It is very convenient to bring your smartphone to the station without having to bring your smartphone to the locker, in the car, or in the hotel room.
What if I change or cancel my pre booking?
How to modify your pre-booking depends on each station online system. For online entries, it is helpful to review the terms and conditions and cancellation policy on the site before making a reservation.
Tips to save time and effort in fitting boots?
The most important thing in rental is the size of the boots. As a rule of thumb, choosing a size 0.5 to 1.0 cm larger than the size of ordinary shoes is a reasonable size. The boots at the rental station are specially designed for high performance and a better fit. Sometimes stacking two socks wearing making it difficult to transfer force to the board and the binding (the part that holds the boot and board) does not work. Also, be aware that short socks will hurt the boundary between the socks and your feet when you tighten your boots.
Snow outer pants have a snow skirt to keep out snow. If you cover the boots without putting them in the boots, you can fit them comfortably and without pain in your feet.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the size, please do not hesitate to contact the station staff.

Large groups rental apply / Discount Offer

Is it possible to use it for group travel packs or groups?
We have a large inventory of rental stations, but please feel free to contact the person in charge at each station as it may not be possible to respond due to the busy season.
Do you have coupons or discounts?
If you have a coupon for use by various travel agencies, please show it at the accounting counter at the time of application settlement. The discount program varies depending on the usage pattern at each station, so please check the rental fee benefits on the homepage of each station in advance.